chubbyandnot (chubbyandnot) wrote in theblueplain,

This comic's labelled "sweetgun.psd" on my computer. Brachzor's back, and he's going to have a bad-ass fight with Torein. I haven't thought it out yet, and I have a bit of time, since we're switching back and forth with Miercoles, but I think you'll enjoy it.

And with the editorial sports comic-I don't mean to say that the USADA and the French testing lab are conspiring against Floyd Landis...well, maybe a little. This testosterone deal doesn't make too much sense, and the USADA's pressing pretty hard on it anyway. What's really too bad is that Floyd can't compete this year while the trial goes on. Oh well, I guess that just leaves an opening for THOR HUSHOVD!
(I love this intro)
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